September 2, 2018

GamerHeads Episode 52: The VideoKid

On episode 52 of the Gamerheads Podcast, Roger, Christian, and Karrington from the Real Dudes Podcast talk about which video game setting they’d most like to live in, NHL players getting addicted to Fortnite, Spider-Man PS4 puddles, and so much more! Christian gives his final impressions on Yakuza 0, and Roger gives his review of The VideoKid while Karrington gushes some more about Dead Cells in case there hasn’t been enough of that on the Gamerheads Podcast.

Speaking of The VideoKid, the Gamerheads also interview Adam Jeffcoat, the animation director, designer and founder of Pixel Trip Studios, the development studio behind The VideoKid! He has plenty to say about working in animation, making a video game, and what might be next for Pixel Trip Studios.

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